House Construction Loan

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House Construction Loan is kind of Secured Loan for individual seeking financial support to construct a House on a Vacant Plot. The Construction Loan is typically granted for the purpose of Building a Home, and the borrower is expected to pay off the Loan in full at the end of the Construction process. Make a dream for Constructing your own Home Finvest Fortune House Construction loan help’s to achieve your Home dream.

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Features and benefits of the Home Construction Loan 

Extra Loan amount 

Start your Construction project faster by obtaining a substantial sanction with the Finvest Fortune Home Construction Loan.

Super Quick turnaround time

There will be no more protracted funding delays because the money is transferred into your Bank account in as little as 48 hours*.

Easy Refinancing Benefits 

Get a Top-Up Loan of up to Rs. 20 crore to cover all Building costs when you Refinance your current Loan with Finvest Fortune for better terms.


Tax Benefits 

Get tax benefits on your Property that is still under Construction, up to Rs. 3.5 Lakh in annual Loan payments.

Flexible Tenor Options

Choose a manageable Repayment schedule that can last up to 40 years, and make sure you never forget an EMI.

Speedy Disbursal 

Once approved, get access to the entire sanction in an account of your choosing without a long wait.

Eligibility criteria for House Construction Loan



Employment Status

For Salaried Individuals, at least 3 years of experience for self-employed individuals, at least 5 years of continuous Business operations.


23 years to 65** years for Salaried Individual, 25 to 70 year for self-employed

CIBIL score 

700 or Higher


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Frequently Ask Question

  • What is the typical interest rate for a House Construction Loan?
    The interest rate for House Construction Loans can vary, but it is generally higher than Traditional Mortgages due to the inherent risks associated with Construction projects.
  • Can I use a Construction Loan for Renovating my existing House?
    House Construction Loans are primarily designed for new Builds. However, Some Lenders may offer specific financing options for Renovations. It's crucial to check with your Lender for eligibility.
  • What factors determine the down payment requirement for a House Construction Loan?
    Down payment requirements depend on factors such as credit score, project size, and specific Lender policies. Our team at Finvest Fortune will guide you through the process and provide clarity on down payment expectations.
  • Is it possible to get a Construction Loan with a Low Credit score?
    While a Low Credit score may impact the terms and conditions of the Loan, Finvest Fortune specializes in working with individuals with varying credit histories. Our team is dedicated to finding suitable options and guiding you through the process of securing a House Construction Loan, even if your credit score is not in the higher range. At Finvets Fortune, we believe in providing opportunities for Homeownership to a wide range of Individuals. If you have a lower credit score and are considering a House Construction Loan, reach out to us. Our experts will assess your unique situation, discuss available options, and guide you on the path to realizing your dream Home.