Balance Transfer of Home Loan

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If you are struggling to repay your Home Loan, a Balance Transfer could be an excellent solution. By transferring your outstanding Balance to a New Lender, you can enjoy lower Interest Rates, reduced EMIs, and significant savings over the long term.

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 Home Loan Balance Transfer :

A Home Loan Balance Transfer is a process of transferring your outstanding Balance from your existing Lender to a New Lender. By doing so, you can take advantage of lower Interest Rates and other benefits that your New Lender may offer.

  • Why should you consider a Home Loan Balance Transfer?
There are several reasons why you may want to consider a Home Loan Balance Transfer, including:
    • To reduce your Interest Rate and EMIs
    • To enjoy better customer service from a New Lender
    • To take advantage of additional features and benefits that your New Lender may offer

List of papers/ Documentation required to all Applicants:

  • Employee Identity Card
  • Loan Application: Completed Loan Application form duly filled with 3 Passport size photographs
  • Proof of Identity (Any one): PAN/ Passport/ Driver’s License/ Voter ID card
  • Proof of Residence/ Address (Any one): Recent copy of Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Piped Gas Bill or copy of Passport/ Driving License/Aadhar Card

Benefits of a Balance Transfer


Some of the key benefits of a Home Loan Balance Transfer include:

    • Lower Interest Rates
    • Reduced EMIs
    • Additional features and benefits from your New Lender
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Process of applying for a Home Loan Balance Transfer is relatively simple. Here are the steps involved:
        • Check your eligibility for a Balance Transfer with your New Lender
        • Submit your application with all the necessary documents
        • Wait for your New Lender to approve your Application
        • Once approved, your New Lender will pay off your outstanding Balance to your existing lender, and you can start repaying your New Lender at the new interest rate.

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